Write ahead logging in teradata sql

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Teradata Database Administration – Teradata Internals by Tom Coffing, Todd Wilson

Why do temporal tables log the begin time of the transaction? it's based on Teradata's pre-ANSI SQL syntax, but the concepts are the same: I'm not really familiar with how SQL Server works internally, but PostgreSQL for instance uses a write-ahead-log, which makes it so that if multiple updates are performed on the same parts of a table.

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In Version 10, IBM Security Guardium® takes a major step forward with intelligence and automation to safeguard data, enterprise-readiness features, and increased breadth of data sources, including file systems. This article provides an in-depth technical review of all new and changed capabilities including database activity monitoring, vulnerability assessment, and file activity monitoring.

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Script-based TPT can do this. If you want them moved in parallel you will need to write multiple scripts (one for each table). If you do not mind them being sequential, you can write a batch script to loop through the table names and run an Export-to-Load with a single TPT script (just changing the table names on each iteration through the loop).

Teradata will support Presto. At the highest level: Presto is, roughly speaking, Facebook’s replacement for Hive, at least for queries that are supposed to run at interactive speeds.; Teradata is announcing support for Presto with a classic open source pricing model.

Presto will also become, roughly speaking, Teradata’s replacement for Hive.

Write ahead logging in teradata sql
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