Threaded fasteners

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Threaded Fasteners and Rivets

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Threaded fastener

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Proponents of coarse-threaded cite the following: Coarse-threaded fasteners exhibit higher stripping strengths; i.e. the amount of force required to strip a fastener’s threads.

Threaded Fasteners. Automotive Fasteners offers a huge selection of threaded fasteners that are available for purchase through our online catalog or through one of our nine locations, where you can fax an order or go and pick it up in person. AF also offers a variety of custom inventory management solutions to help you.

Effectively Manage Your Supply Chain. Threaded Fasteners, Special Head Screws. Heavy Duty Drop Forged Lifting Ring Bolts.

Convert any hole in the table into a threaded hole. Place the Adapter in position beneath the tabletop, in alignment with table holes.

Magnets hold threaded adapter in place. Interstate Threaded Products Manufactures and Distributes Stock and Custom Threaded Fasteners. Interstate Threaded Products is your single source for high quality threaded fasteners. We are committed to fulfilling your orders accurately and delivering them in the most timely manner possible.

Military Grade Fasteners.

Threaded Rod Fasteners (Sammy & Argco)

Eby Company participates in the Government’s Qualified Suppliers’ List Program for Class 2 Threaded Fasteners.

Threaded fasteners
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