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These performance assessments were created by the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project for NYC Department of Education and some are owned by NYC Department of Education.

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The NYC Department of Education has agreed to allow Teachers College Reading and Writing Project to. Jack Gantos visits the Project. The rain was no match for the energy and brightness of Jack Gantos on Tuesday, September This Calendar Day felt different because of the young people filling the halls of Teachers College.

Reading and Writing Performance Assessments

Welcome. The resources on this site will prepare you to take the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Assessment. You will be able to access two different resources from this site to assist you in preparing for the TSI Assessment. Make‐up testing is provided by the Reedley Test Center for individual students, registered at Reedley College, who are unable to take their tests in the classroom because of special circumstances (illness, emergency, Student Disability Services, etc.).

Please find here data on the effectiveness of Writing Across the Curriculum and methods for assessing writing. Assessment — York College / CUNY Skip to Main Content. Final Paper Countdown is coming--reserve your space now!

The UWC is once again hosting Final Paper Countdown, an undergraduate writing retreat designed to .

College writing assessment
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