College confidential creative writing summer programs

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Summer Programs - Writing

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Northwestern Pre-College Summer Programs

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So You Want to be a Writer?

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University of Reading Photo Credit:. The 20 Best College Summer Programs for Gifted Students. You can learn more about Columbia College summer programs here.

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For over twenty years, UCLA Writing Programs has helped undergraduates successfully meet the challenges of a university education. Through a three week Writing Summer Institute, UCLA's highly regarded writing specialists will now help college bound students prepare for those challenges.

Arts and Sciences Summer in Chicago. Arts and Sciences is an intensive pre-college summer program for high school students that cultivates critical thinking, innovative problem-solving, and effective communication skills through interdisciplinary work drawing upon material from the sciences, humanities, and the social sciences.

Summer Program

Here are some specific schools/organizations that may offer summer writing programs for high school students (check individual sites for the most current information, scroll down for programs specifically focused on journalism. The summer program is located on the idyllic campus of nearby Sweet Briar College where the Young Writers Workshop welcomes its participants to a retreat space where writers commune with each other, immerse themselves in creative activity, and fuel their imaginations through an innovative arts program.

Writing, thinking, and imagining, in other words, are part of the same creative process. Thus, at Young Writers, students write to explore ideas, then develop those ideas through further writing. Because good writers are also avid readers, students read short stories, poems, and essays, which they discuss, write about, and use as inspiration.

College confidential creative writing summer programs
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